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Civil law


The so-called inheritance law which includes wills, divisions and acceptances of inheritances, settlements and challenges, all from the position of the heir, the legitimary, of the donee, etc.

Family right

Separations, divorces, liquidation of matrimonial economic regimes, adoptions, guardianships, conservatorships.

Construction law

Contracts with developers, builders, contractors, subcontractors, workers, construction defects, economic claims, permits.

Horizontal property law

Everything related to communities of owners, such as constitution of community, advice on its administration, claims to defaulters, determination of the person responsible for the expense or damage.

Contract Law

All types of contracts, their conception and drafting, review, complaint of non-compliance and resolution, demand for compliance.

Right to compensation for damages

Contractual civil liability-derived from all types of contracts- as extra-contractual (falls, traffic accidents, damage caused by other properties, defective products, accidents, trips, etc.), right to own image.

Traffic accidents

Criminal and civil liability caused by a traffic accident.


Consumer law

Claims against banking entities, against manufacturers and distributors for defective products, against travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, etc.

Mortgage law

Advice in the mortgage firm, in the declaration of nullity of clauses of the same, execution, novation, termination.

Credit right

Unpaid claim.

Right to protection of honor and image

Data Protection

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Manuel Montis Suau

Juan M. Moragues Amengual

Fernando Montis Forteza

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