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Commercial Law

Bankruptcy Law

Requests for voluntary and necessary insolvency, defence of creditors in insolvency proceedings, liability restructuring, negotiations with banks, bankruptcy administrations, rescission actions, qualification, etc.

Corporate law

Advice on the operation of society: constitution, modification of bylaws, para-corporate agreements, capital increases and reductions, mergers, holding meetings, challenging social agreements, restructuring of companies or groups, etc.

Intellectual Property Law

Copyright, image rights, public use of said rights, contracts about it, compensation, claims, etc.

Competition Defence Law

Seeks to protect that there is effective competition in the market, which may imply the fulfilment of administrative obligations, being able to advise on their fulfilment before the corresponding organisms. Allows you to challenge contracts signed by dominant operators in the market and request compensation derived from their signature.

Unfair Competition Law

Seeks to avoid unfair practices in the market, for example acts of denigration or confusion, having to request its cessation before the Courts accumulating a claim for the damages caused.

Maritime Law

Acquisition and sale of boats, fulfilling all the necessary requirements to buy with legal certainty as well as the corresponding tax requirements.

Abogador especializados

Manuel Montis Suau

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