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Tax Law

Family business taxation

Advice on the management of the family business from the tax point of view and in its restructuring to facilitate transmission to future generations.

Wealth Management

Advice directed towards an efficient management of the individual patrimony of the physical persons. Analysis of financial products. Marriage taxation. Succession planning for natural persons.

Taxation of business reorganisation operations and transfer of business

Tax advice in the context of business reorganisation operations, such as mergers, spin-offs, exchanges of securities, contributions of branch of activity or not, money, etc., and in business purchases. Business structuring. Taxation of bankruptcy.

Real estate taxation

Tax advice in relation to the acquisition and transfer of real estate of private use or used in an economic exploitation (hotels, facilities of renewable energy, etc).

International taxation

Advice both to Spanish investment abroad and to investors foreigners who wish to invest in Spain. Analysis of tax residence issues of natural persons.

Tax procedure

Accompaniment to the client in the inspection procedures and in the possible administrative resources or before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction that may occur. Help in responding to tax information requirements. Presentation of tax queries. Defence in criminal proceedings.

Labour taxation

Remuneration of employees and directors. Remuneration of inpatriates and expatriates. Taxation of the nautical sector. Advice on the acquisition and transmission of recreation boats.

Taxation of the nautical sector

Advice on the acquisition and transmission of pleasure boats.

Abogador especializados

Alonso Ramallo Montis

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