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Montis Advisors

Leading law firm in Palma de Mallorca

We are Montis Advisors, the leading law firm in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands for 40 years. 

Since the beginning, we have stood out with our values, focusing on excellency, personalization, immediacy and efficiency. This, together with the progressive incorporation of highly qualified professionals, allows us to keep offering the best legal solutions.  

Thanks to our different lawyer profiles, we cover all legal areas. We also offer an exclusive service to the Scandinavian community here in Mallorca with Nathalia Rigo Olausson, consul of Sweden, leading the team.  

Our philosophy

Loyal to our values since 1983

At Montis Advisors, our top priority is to offer a high-quality service providing trust and complete satisfaction to all our clients. We pride ourselves in offering personalized and close attention, backed by legal accuracy, creativity and a high degree of expertise. 

Our extensive experience of 40 years also allows us to keep up to date with the changes and novelties in the various law areas. This, together with our knowledge and dedication, enables us to guarantee outstanding legal and tax solutions for each case. 

Law areas

We provide legal solutions in different legal areas

Our lawyers’ expertise allows us to respond to virtually all issues that may arise in Spanish law.

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Our Law Firm

Get to know the Montis Advisors team

Our law firm was founded in 1983 by brothers Jaime and Manuel Montis, and has since then been one of the leading law firms in Mallorca and the Balearic Islands. 

At Montis Advisors, our team of experts has experienced a constant growth over the years. Currently, we have lawyers specialized in all legal areas of Spanish law. Moreover, we are an international and multilingual team, able to communicate fluently in more than 8 languages, including Spanish, English, German, Swedish and French. 

Working together for a better future

Our exclusive service to the Scandinavian community

At Montis Advisors we are extremely honoured and proud to have our partner and lawyer, Nathalia Rigo Olausson, also holding the position as Swedish Consul for the last 18 years. Her task is to represent the interests of the Swedish state in Spain. She also brings her extensive experience in the field of real estate law, especially focused on the Scandinavian community here in Mallorca. 

Additionally, we collaborate with the Spanish-Swedish Commerce Chamber. Through this association, we actively contribute to the promotion of commercial, social and cultural relations between both countries. 

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